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help > spells > undeath
Spell        :   Undeath
Class        :   Necromancer
Cost         :   100 sps (plus modifier)
Casting Time :   6
Difficulty   :   Special
Syntax       :   cast undeath <+modifier> <player>
Examples     :   cast undeath shade
             :   castq undeath +25 dirkpitt

This powerful spell allows a necromancer to bring an undead or 
Danpiru being back to the realms of the undead, without needing the 
corpse or having to be in the same room as him/her.  Both the 
necromancer and the target must be in rooms that permit summoning 
and gating.  The spell may be cast quietly.

This spell focuses on death, ignoring jihad to allow the necromancer
to restore any undead to their state of living death.