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Dracolich Phylactery

        Upon becoming a Dracolich, a dragon's formerly living spirit is 
transferred into a small gemstone known as a "phylactery."  This receptacle
becomes the animating lifeforce, as it were, of the Dracolich's corpse-like
body.  It also permits the dragon to employ necromantic magics.

        As the Dracolich gains levels, its former lifeforce inside the 
phylactery will also grow in strength.  The physical prowess of the dragon
is directly related to the amount of energy currently residing inside the
phylactery.  Thus, when the phylactery is at 100%, the Dracolich is the
most physically powerful that it can be.

        To cast spells, however, the Dracolich must drain a bit of the 
lifeforce inside the phylactery.  The amount used with each spell depends
on that particular spell (some use more, some use less).  There is no way 
to prevent the drain that occurs when casting spells.  If there is not 
enough energy in the phylactery to cast a given spell, that spell will 
function at a significantly weaker level.  The current percentage of 
lifeforce stored within the phylactery cannot drop below 1%, as a minimal 
presence of the energy must remain to keep the Dracolich "alive."

        There are two ways to recharge the phylactery: naturally over time,  
or by killing a foe (whereby the Dracolich will steal that foe's lifeforce).
The natural recharge over time is based upon how many souls the dragon 
has stolen over the course of its existence.  To view the current recharge
level, the "lifeforce" command may be used.  NOTE: In wars and in the 
arena, the recharge level is ALWAYS level 5.

        The energy present in the phylactery will also act like the
invulnerability skill.  When the Dracolich would normally be killed, the 
lifeforce within the phylactery will attempt to preserve the dragon from 

NOTE: The Dracolich's phylactery is not to be confused with the
Necromancer's phylactery.  They are completely unrelated.

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