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help > spells > bobble
Spell        :   Bobble
Class        :   Trickster
Cost         :   20 (for money)  0 sp (for items)
Casting time :   1 rounds
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   cast bobble <item> from <living>
Examples     :   cast bobble potion from temudjin
                 cast bobble money from temudjin
                 cast bobble anything from temudjin
                 cast bobble staff from temudjin

Bobble is a powerful illusory effect, making the target confused
and causing them to fumble with the casters choice of item.  If 
cast on a wielded weapon, it forces them to unwield.  If cast on a 
moneybag or item in the inventory, it will drop on the ground.  
Logically, worn items can't be bobbled.

Bobble can be cast in combat.

This spell can be cast quietly.