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help > spells > lich
Spell  : Lich
Class  : Necromancer
Cost   : 1 Life + 1 Soul
Time   : 5 rounds
Syntax : cast lich

** You must be level 19 or higher to use this spell **

By sacrificing his soul in a ritual of death, a necromancer is able to
fully harness the powers of the undead by taking the shape of a
fearsome Lich.  To perform the ritual, the necromancer must have
on hand the corpse of a recently sacrificed player.  It is worth noting
that the life force (ie: level) this vessel once held limits the amount
of energy that the Lich will eventually be able to channel, so the
more powerful the sacrifice, the more powerful the ritual.

Once the necromancer has completed the ritual, he gains the following:
  -A phylactery (see below for details)
  -The ability to cow undead through willpower
  -Resistance to fear caused by many undead
  -Night vision (min sight to -7)
  -Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the undead
  -Increased healing, still using human heals
  -Boost to Int with bonus for number of trapped souls
  -Intimidation based on level and trapped souls
  -Increase to skeleton with bonus for trapped souls
  -A body that resists damage much better than any mortal

Only the most powerful necromancers have the strength to survive
this ritual and become liches.

Once the ritual is cast, the Necromancer stores his soul in a phylactery.
In addition to drawing sustenance from this phylactery and the souls 
within, the magics of the phylactery guard the life force of the lich in
the case of a death.  If this occurs, the soul of the lich is returned and
the necromancer becomes mortal again.  The amount of health this leaves
the necromancer with is dependent upon the corpse that initially was
used to create the phylactery.