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help > spells > skeleton
Spell        :   Skeleton
Class        :   Necromancer
Cost         :   20
Casting time :   1 rounds
Spell type   :   Summoning servant
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   cast skeleton <mod> <name>
Example      :   cast skeleton +60 sumaket
This spell will conjure up a skeleton to attack <name>.  The
skeleton will not stop until its prey has been ripped to
shreds, it has been destroyed or the magic maintaining it
fails.  The skeleton will follow its prey virtually everywhere
and never loses the trail.

The strength of the skeleton is dependent upon the skill of
the caster and no caster has the ability to maintain the
powerful animating magics indefinitely.  As a result, all
skeletons eventually crumble back to the ground from which
they came, even against an unresisting opponent.

Note that modifying this spell will cause a skeleton to expend
its damage more quickly, generally increasing damage overall,
but you will never summon a skeleton larger than your own level.