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help > spells > sin
Spell        :   Sin
Class        :   Demon
Cost         :   20
Spell type   :   Control
Difficulty   :   Level 2
Cast Time    :   Variable
Syntax       :   cast sin [modifier] <which sin> [target] [for subject]

Causes the victim of the spell to suffer from an intense case of some one
of the deadly sins.  The possible sins are:
*greed*: victim may not spend money, nor may he drop or give any object.
*sloth*: victim will act very slowly.
*rage*: victim will not willingly leave combat, and will pursue opponents
who flee.
*gluttony*: victim will cram him/her/itself on whatever is available that
it can eat or drink.  If subject is specified, it will only eat that item.
*lust*: victim will not willingly attack the subject (default to the caster)
and may attack those who attempt to harm the caster.
Sin can only be modified with negative modifiers.
Sin will not work against a berserking target, as their mind is not
responsive in the state of no control.

Note that the subject will react aggressively unless this spell is cast