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help > skills > bond
Skill        :   Bond
Class        :   Beastmaster       
Cost         :   20 (non-adjustable)
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   4
Stats Base   :   Constitution
Difficulty   :   Level 4
Syntax       :   do bond <animal type>    
Examples     :   do bond shark
                 do bond (to cancel)

	Many years spent living amongst the wilds with his
animal friends has forged a great bond between Beastmaster and
beast.  The Beastmaster has learned to extend this bond beyond
physically being present amongst the animals.  Thus, at any time,
at any place, he may take a spiritual "animal journey" to meet
one of his animal friends.  In doing so, he will temporarily
exhibit some of the traits of that animal.  He may bond to certain
animals based on his race...

CENTAUR: eagle, elephant, lion, shark, wolf
HALF-ELF: fox, owl, python, raccoon, wolf
HUMAN: bear, eagle, ferret, fox, owl, shark, wolf, wolverine
MUUL: crocodile, gorilla, lion, wolf, wolverine
ORC: crocodile, ferret, lion, monkey, python
OGRE: bear, elephant, gorilla, python, shark

	The effects of each bond are described in "help bonds".
Other skills the Beastmaster has: animality, observe, heart, and
finish, will not be usable unless he is bonded.  These skills
require his mindset to be that of an animal, and thus one can see
why the bond is first needed.  Furthermore, while bonded, the
Beastmaster shares in the animal kingdom's "innate danger
sense."  When not distracted (by being in combat, etc), he will
sometimes detect incoming danger and thus have a better chance
at reducing or avoiding that threat.

NOTE: This skill has NOTHING to do with the "companion" skill.
See also: help bonds, help skill animality, help skill finish¨
          help skill heart, help skill observe