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help > skills > collect
Skill        :     Collect
Class        :     Herbalist
Cost         :     5
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     1
Syntax       :     do collect <herb>
Examples     :     do collect utmahi
                   do collect chirbala

     Herbalists use various herbs to survive within the wilds of
Tsunami.  This skill is used to find these herbs.  When used, the
Herbalist will spend a short time looking about the area.  If he
or she succeeds in finding the desired herb, it is added to his
or her inventory.  For instructions on how to add herbs to the
herb pouch, simply look at the pouch.

     The following herbs are known to be found in the wilderness of
Tsunami.  Obviously, certain terrains are often more likely to
contain a given herb than others.  Here is a listing of the herbs
that the Herbalist can attempt to collect...


Utmahi: A blue flower found growing in many natural
Concish: A white grass most often found on plains
         and in hills.
Binbalop: A red moss more often located in jungles, forests,
          and swamps.
Podomma: Black leaves most likely found in forests, jungles,
         mountains, and hills.
Fikmir: Blue roots most easily found on plains and in mountains
        and hills.


Chirbala: A golden flower easily found in forests, plains,
          jungles, and hills.
Srili: A yellowish grass growing most often in plains and hills.
Gordep: A blue moss located most often in jungles, forests, and
Arguek: Brilliant green leaves most often found in forests,
        jungles, mountains, and hills.
Hurtolk: White roots often found growing on plains, in mountains,
         and in hills.

      The Herbalist's apply, inhale, medicate, pungi, and salve
skills each use the herbs in a different way.  Please refer to
those help files for a detailed description.
See also: help skill apply, help skill inhale, help skill pungi
          help skill medicate, help skill salve