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help > spells > virulence
Spell        :     Virulence
Class        :     Dracolich
Cost         :     20 + phylactery energy
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     1 round
Syntax       :     cast virulence [<target>]
Examples     :     cast virulence 
                   cast virulence teppic

     Death always wears a grin on its face.  By inflicting this 
spell on a hapless victim, the Dracolich opens up that target to the
malignant wiles of a catastrophic ending.  While under the curse of 
this spell, the target will find that incoming damage is sometimes 
converted into a random type that he or she is most vulnerable to.
In the case where the victim is exceptionally close to dying, 
incoming damage might even become vorpal.

     This spell has an average drain on the Dracolich's phylactery.
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